Dr Cigdem Lule. Image by John Kim Photography.

About Kybele & Dr. Lüle

Dr. Çiğdem Lüle PhD, FGA, GIA GG, DGA

Dr. Çiğdem Lüle founded the Kybele (pronounced kee-beh-leh, the mother goddess of Ancient Phrygia) corporation in 2014 to organize and facilitate the delivery of her services to meet the growing demand of independent gemological research and training. Kybele LLC provides individually tailored gemological education. The company also supports archaeogemological research and specializes in independent mineral and gemstone appraisals.

Dr. Lüle is a mineralogist and award winning gemologist. Her scientific background, gem trade, and market experience in Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States since 1997 form the basis for the broad range of services provided to clients. She also lectures in the US and other countries on various aspects of gemology and mineralogy.

Professional Education

  • BSc. in Geo Engineering, Ankara University, Turkey, 1995
  • Diploma in Gemmology from Gemmological Association of Great Britain (FGA), 1998
  • Diamond Diploma from Gemmological Association of Great Britain (DGA), 1998
  • MSc. in Mineralogy, Ankara University, Turkey, 1999
  • Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Institute of America (GIA), 2005 
  • PhD. in Mineralogy, Hacettepe University, Turkey, 2006

Industry Affiliations

  • Member of The Scottish Gemmological Association (SGA), 2008–present 
  • Accredited Senior Gemologist member of Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA), 2011–present
  • Member of Mineralogical Society of America, 2011-present

Employment, Industry Service and Recognition

  • Research Assistant in Mineralogy&Petrography Department and Gem Specialist at Ankara University, Turkey, 1999-2002
  • Staff Gemologist and Sales Assistant at R. Holt and Co., London, UK, 2002-2004
  • Gemology Instructor at GIA London Campus, London, UK, 2004-2010
  • Contributing editor to the GemGuide published by Gemworld International, 2011-2022
  • Technical advisor to the World of Color communication system published in 2014
  • Awarded the prestigious Antonio C. Bonanno Excellence in Gemology Award, 2016
  • Conference Co-Chair, World of Gems Conference V, 2017
  • Consultant to ColorCodex™ Color Referencing System published in 2016
  • Committee Member of The Scottish Gemmological Association (SGA), 2020-2023
  • Board Member of Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA), 2020 – 2022
  • Vice President of Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA), 2023-2026 term
  • Director of Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers (AIJV), 2022 – Present