Demantoid Garnets from Quebec, Canada. Photo by Brad Wilson.

Appraisal and Pre & Post Sale Consultation Services

Minerals and gems can be beautiful and exciting objects used for adornment and by some as instruments for wealth preservation. However, the value determinants of both mineral specimens and gemstones can be complicated to understand. Experienced dealers recognize the critical value factors of each piece they trade, but this information is not always conveyed to the buyer. Seemingly minor differences in quality can significantly affect the value of mineral specimen or gem. An important gem or a collectable mineral specimen can be one of the most expensive purchases that one can make. Therefore, it is important to obtain an unbiased expert opinion of quality and value when considering the purchase, sale, insurance, gifting, donating or including in one’s estate planning of any gemstone or mineral specimen.

Kybele LLC offers unique and personalized services in authentication, pre and post purchase/sale consultation as well as fine gemstone and mineral appraisal services for insurance, estate planning and donation. The company caters to a broad range of clients including consumers, gem and mineral collectors, dealers, curators and insurance underwriters.


Martin D. Fuller, GG (GIA), ASA, CSM, Master Gemologist Appraiser

... and because Dr. Lule is a gemologist as well as a mineralogist, she is a natural fit for gem and mineral collection appraisals, and has been a pleasure to work.