Dr. Lüle is very aware that, as with any very specialized scientific endeavor, it is difficult for someone approaching the subject for the first time to discriminate between professionals and businesses offering services. For this reason, it is felt that that comments regarding Kybele’s services, both from industry leaders and students, will provide an insight into Dr. Lüle’s strengths and dedication.

Christopher P. Smith, President of AGL New York. USA

"In the course of my career, one of the primary challenges was in taking complex conditions and making them understandable to a broader, sometimes non-technical audience, without a loss in the fundamental scientific accuracy of the details. Dr. Lule’s knowledge and experience in geology, mineralogy, archaeology and gemology provide unique insight and she has demonstrated an innate ability to convey this knowledge and understanding to her colleagues and students."

Teri Brossmer, GG (GIA), Master Gemologist Appraiser. USA

"Cigdem inspires both novice and veteran gemologists alike through classes and lectures that exhibit her knowledge of gemology and mineralogy as well as her passion for science and ancient history. Her ability to bring ancient civilizations and their cultures to life through her study of the gemstones and jewelry collected from archaeological digs reminds us all of mankind's enchantment with gemstones stretching thousands of years."

Donna Hawrelko, FGA, FCGmA. Canada

"As an educator, I sincerely respect and appreciate Dr. Lule's passion and commitment to share her knowledge, especially as a pioneer in Archaeogemology, with students and colleagues whenever possible. She is a wonderfully generous human being who gives as much of herself to her students as she does to the gemmological research world. Based on the experience I have in education, I can confidently state that Dr. Lule’s knowledge and understanding of Archaeogemology, practical gemmology, and treatments of gems are extremely beneficial to and needed by the gem and jewellery industry members, as such educational workshop/classes were never previously available. I believe her knowledge will greatly benefit private collectors, museum curators and scientists researching archaeology and mineralogy."

Shirley Mitchell FGA DGA FIRV PJValDip FNAJ. Chairman of The Academy of Valuers. UK

"Dr Çiğdem Lüle is one of the most knowledgeable educators with regards archeogemmology and ancient and modern gemstone treatments. What makes Çiğdem so extraordinary is her enthusiasm for her subject and her ability to connect with students and members of the gemmological industry in a way that inexperienced and advanced students alike can understand. Her passion for her subject is second to none and it is this passion for archeogemmology and teaching that makes Çiğdem such a special person and the perfect choice to invite to conduct a Gemstone Treatments Workshop for The Academy of Valuers in April this year, the feedback we received following Çiğdem’s workshop was outstanding, we look forward to welcoming Çiğdem back for many more workshops/seminars."

Martin D. Fuller, GG (GIA), ASA, CSM. Master Gemologist Appraiser. USA

“As a gemologist with a busy practice near Washington, D.C., I am often asked to coordinate projects which require partnering with specialists in related fields. Because Dr. Lule is a gemologist as well as a mineralogist, she is a natural fit for gem and mineral collection appraisals, and has been a pleasure to work with, both in the field and in the classroom.”